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How to Share Screen (Laptop/Desktop) During Live Streaming Via OBS



You can share your laptop/desktop screen with your end-users while you are live streaming via Muvi Live and OBS. When you will share the live stream with your end-users, they can view the screen of your laptop/desktop.

Note: If you want to know how to set up OBS for Muvi Live to live stream, then please click here.


How to Share Screen (Laptop/Desktop) via OBS

  • Open OBS and click on a “Scene” from the list for which you want to add “Display Capture” or ‘Window Capture” as a source.
  • Then, click on the “+” icon under sources.
  • Click on “Display Capture”. You can capture the entire display of your laptop/desktop screen and Livestream it.
  • If you want to capture a specific window, for example, your web browser (i.e., Google Chrome, Firefox, etc), you can click on “Window Capture”.
  • Start the live stream and then whatever you will do on your laptop/desktop screen, it will be live streamed to your end users, and they can watch it.