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Using Muvi API




By using Muvi APIs you can build stunning apps, websites as well as business applications that make use of Video/Audio as their delivery and communication medium to interact with the end users. By using Muvi APIs, developers can make use of Muvi’s Video/Audio Streaming Engine and will be able to get embed codes for the video/Audio player to display under your apps,  Add/Manage Subscribers, Manage User Authentications,  Send search request and get results. API Authorization Key is essential to integrate an API function. It can be obtained from the CMS. 


How to Get Muvi API Authorization Key

  • To get the API Authorization Key, go to "Settings" --> "Advanced" in the CMS.
  • You will see the API Authorization Key. You need to copy and paste it in the API function. 



Click on Muvi API documentation to read all related documents on API.