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Uploading Bulk Video/Audio Files Using FileCatalyst




Installing FileCatalyst Transfer Agent

Connecting to FileCatalyst Transfer Agent

Syncing Video Files to the Video Library

Uploading Through Direct Access FileCatalyst Transfer Agent

Supported Video/Audio File Extensions



A perfect alternative to FTP, the FileCatalyst platform offers high-speed file transfers with blazing speeds of up to 10 Gbps across global networks, and it enables to send of files of any format or size. Based on patented UDP technology, FileCatalyst is invulnerable to the effects that packet loss and latency have on conventional file transfer methods including CIFS, HTTP, or FTP.

You can use FileCatalyst to upload bulk video/audio files to your Video/Audio Library faster (approximately 100 times) than the FTP method. You can either install the FileCatalyst Express Agent to your computer or you can use the Express Agent link to directly upload files online without installing the FileCatalyst Express Agent.

Note: This is a paid feature. So, if you want to use the FileCatalyst to upload bulk video/audio files to the video/audio library, then first, you need to add a Support Ticket.


Installing FileCatalyst Transfer Agent

First, you need to download and install FileCatalyst Transfer Agent to upload your video/audio files and then sync them to the Video/Audio Library. The Transfer Agent is available for different Operating Systems (i.e., Windows, Linux, Mac). You need to download and install the software according to your OS.  Please follow the below installation guide to install the Transfer Agent on your Laptop/Desktop.

Installation Guide:

  • Windows Installation guide.
  • macOS installation guide.


Connecting to FileCatalyst Transfer Agent

Once you installed the Transfer Agent, next, you need to connect to it for uploading your videos. Double click on the Transfer Agent icon to launch the application.

1. After running Transfer Agent, follow the below-mentioned steps to open it on the desktop.



2. The below screenshot shows after opening the Transfer Agent on the desktop and then you need to enter the credentials to connect to the application.

#1: Enter the Hostname (Server IP)

#2: Port Number

#3: Account Username

#4 Password

#5: Enable SSL

#6: Click on Connect

Note: You need to add a Support Ticket to get the credentials to connect to the FileCatalyst Transfer Agent. Muvi will provide you the credentials in the following format.

  • Hostname:
  • Region: Middle East
  • Port: 990 (SSL)
  • SSL: On
  • User: Your Username
  • Pass: Your Password



3. Once connected to the Transfer Agent, you can drag the video/audio files in your local computer to the server (see below screenshot) and then click on “Upload”.



4. Upload Process through Express Agent

Note: The FileCatalyst server has 10Gbps/s capacity to upload the contents. The upload speed depends on the user’s Internet connection speed.


Syncing Video Files to the Video Library

Once the upload process is completed, next, you need to “Sync” the video files from the server to your “Video Library” in the Muvi CMS.

  • In the Muvi CMS, navigate to “Manage Content-->Video Library”.
  • Click on the “Sync to Video Library” button (see below screenshot). The videos will be synced from the server to the Video Library. The sync time depends on the size, type, and a number of videos you have uploaded.



You can upload videos to the Video Library through the “FileCatalyst Direct Access” link, without installing the Transfer Agent on your computer.

  • Click here to access the “Direct Access Transfer Agent” upload page.
  • Login using the login credentials you received from Muvi (see below screenshot)



  • Once you logged in, then you can access your local folders. Drag and drop the video/audio files from the local system to the server and click on “Upload” (see below screenshot).



  • Once the video/audio files are uploaded, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps to sync the video/audio files to the ‘Video/Audio Library” in the CMS.


Supported Video/Audio File Extensions

Muvi allows you to upload different types of video/audio extensions. The video extensions include mov, flv, vob, mp4, m4v, mkv, avi, 3gp & mpg. (We recommend upload .mp4 videos to make the encoding process faster). Click here for more information. For audio, you can upload audio files including, mp3wavacc , aiffm4am4bm4pdvfrawwmawebmflac and Ogg Vorbis.