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Restrictions for Free Trial Users



Muvi offers 14 days FREE trial.  You can signup for a free trial to launch the Multi-Screen OTT Video On Demand (VOD) Platform or Audio Streaming Platform Instantly! However, there are few restrictions for Free Trial users which include restrictions to add the number of content, storage space in the server, and bandwidth usage. Also, Muvi Free Trial users cannot access the premium features which are exclusively accessible to our paid members (Subscribers). To access all these premium features, you need to purchase our subscription plan.


Muvi Free Trial Restrictions

During the Free Trial, you can use all the basic features to launch your own video and/or audio store instantly. However, as a Free Trial user, you have the following restrictions.

  • As a Free trial user, you can only add a maximum of 10 Video/Audio content (Including Admin & Content Partner)
  • Free trial users cannot change their domain name.
  • There is a restriction to purchase bulk bandwidth.
  • Free trial users cannot activate the recommendation engine Alie.
  • As a free trial user, you cannot enable DRM.
  • There is also a restriction to add Mobile & TV Apps.
  • To avail of all the Premium Features, you need to be a paid subscriber. To know about the pricing details of our subscription plans please Click Here.