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Quick Start Guide


Thank you for choosing Muvi. We help you launch your own Multi-Screen Video Streaming (Live & On-Demand) platform within a few minutes and at ZERO CapEx cost! At Muvi, we provide a comprehensive end to end solution to launch your own VOD/OTT platform. This Quick Start Guide will help set up your online video platform easily and quickly. It’s just 3 easy steps….


1. Add Content

Once your website is ready, you can add the video content. Simply click on the “Add Content” button on the Muvi CMS Dashboard or from the CMS menu. (Manage Content -->Content Library -->Add Content) You can add different types of video content including Video on Demand, Video Live Streaming, etc. To create content, add content metadata like the content name, content category, genre, release date, language, etc. You can also add a poster for your video content.

3. Select Template

The first step towards creating your website is to select a “Template”. You can select the template from your Muvi Dashboard or from the CMS menu. (Website -->Templates -->ManageTemplate). Before selecting the template, you can Preview it and then Activate it for your website. After activating the template, you can add Logo, Images, Titles, etc. and customize your website according to your preference.

3. Configure Monetization Plan

By configuring your “Monetization” plan, you can directly collect money from your subscribers without relying on third-party service providers. Through the “Monetization” menu from the Muvi CMS, you can easily manage various monetization methods such as Subscription, Pay Per View, Free Content, Advertisement, Coupons, etc.


Adding Content

To add video content to your store, click on the “Add Content” tab on the Dashboard or navigate to "Manage Content" -->"Content Library" -->"Add Content" in the CMS (See Below Screenshot)

Under the “Content Library”, click on the button “Add Content”. Here you can choose the content forms from the drop-down list (Video on Demand or Video Live Streaming), add content metadata types. Add a content name, genre, release date, etc. You can also upload a poster for the video content. Click on “Save & Continue”. Then, you can add trailer/preview, top banner, and cast & crew.

For more detailed information on “How to Add Content”, please Click Here.


Selecting a Template


On the Muvi CMS Dashboard click on “Select Template” or navigate to "Website" -->"Templates"-->"Manage Template" in the CMS.

On the Manage Template page, you can see different templates. By default, the Revo template is activated. You can change the template according to your preference. Just click on the "Preview" button under the template to see the preview of the template. If you like any template, then click on the “Activate”  button under the template. When asked for confirmation, click on “Yes” to activate the template for your website.


Custom Templates

At Muvi, we provide the option to customize your template. You can modify the existing template using "Visual Designer",  “Template Editor”  or BYOD (Bring Your Own Design) feature.  You can also get custom-designed templates from us for a nominal price which will make your online video platform standout as well as fulfill your exclusive requirements.

Please Click Here to get more information on selecting a template.



Configuring Monetization Plan

Through our “Monetization” feature you can set up a payment gateway to collect money from your users and have it transferred to your bank account. To do this, you need to add a subscription plan for your users and you may add a plan for pay-per-view (PPV) for your users to watch content. Under this feature, there are several other sub-features such as Free Content,  Pre-order, Advertisement, Coupons, Vouchers, Payment Gateway, Restrictions, etc.

To configure the monetization plan please navigate to the "Monetization" menu in the CMS. Under the Monetization menu, you will see different options such as Subscription, Pay Per View, Free Content, etc.

Navigate to "Monetization" --> "Settings" and select the checkboxes for different monetization plans that you want to enable for your store under "Monetization Model" and click on "Update"


Note: We have added some dummy data/content on the website when you start a free trial. It’s just to illustrate how the website will look. Please feel free to remove this data/content and add your own.



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