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Player Controls




Player Controls

Keyboard Control



While watching videos on your website, your subscribers/viewers can enhance their viewing experience with the advanced player control features available on Muvi. They have the option to control the player through their mouse (Onscreen Control) and their keyboard. They can go back to the previous page when they watch the video, view subtitles, adjust video resolution, play and pause the video using the spacebar and more…


Player Controls

Back Button:

While watching a video on your website, your subscribers/viewers can go back to the content details page of that specific video, by clicking on the back “<--” button on the player.  The back button's image background is in grey color so users can easily view it on white background. 

Note: When users play content from the "Featured Section", they can go back to the previuos page by clicking on the Browser's back button. If they click on the Back button on the Player, it will take them to the "Content Details" page. 




If you have added subtitles to your videos in multiple languages, then your subscribers/viewers can choose the subtitle of their choice when they watch video on your website. They can choose the subtitle by clicking on the “Subtitle” button. (See Below Screenshot)




  • To know “How to Add Subtitles” to your videos, please go through our help article “Adding Subtitle to Video
  • The subtitle is not supported in iOS devices (Browsers) when played in full-screen mode.



Your subscribers/viewers can change the resolution of any video they watch on your website. They can select the desired resolution by clicking on the “settings” button. (See Below Screenshot)



Note: To allow your subscribers/viewers to change the resolution of a particular video, first you need to encode that video in different resolutions. To know “How to Set Multiple Resolutions for Your Videos” please go through our help article “Supported Video Formats & Video Encoding: Multiple Resolutions”.


Resume Watch

While watching video on your Muvi Player, if you close the player in the middle and choose to watch the video later, then next time when you open that particular video to watch, the player will resume playback of the video from where you have left it. You don't have to play the video again from the beginning as the player remembers where you have left. This feature works across all the platforms as well as for offline viewing (Mobile, TV Apps and Website).

Enable Resume Watch for Single-Part content.

  • To enable "Resume Watch", go to "User Features" -->"Settings" in the CMS.
  • Select checkbox "Resume Watch" and click on "Save"
  • When users close the player during watching a video, the video will start from the scene where they have left watching. This will work for single part content. 

Note: This feature doesn't work for guest users as users need to login to your website/app to use this feature. 


Enable Resume Watch for Multi-Part content.

When you enable "Resume Watch",  "Resume Watch from Last Seen"  will be automatically enabled. When users click on the "Play" button of a multi-part parent content, all the episodes will start playing one after the other. If a user lefts in the middle, then next time when he/she clicks on the "Play" button, it will start from the last scene of the episode where he/she has left watching. 


  • Currently, this feature is only enabled for Modern & Revo Template
  • To disable "Resume Watch from Last Seen", deselect the checkbox for it and click on "Save".



  • When the user clicks on the "Play" button of a multi-part content, all the episodes start playing automatically. When the user again clicks on the "Play" button after closing the player, the episode will start playing from the last scene.



Keyboard Control

Your Subscribers/Viewers can control the player through their keyboard while watching any video content on your website. While watching video, they can press the “Spacebar” key to “Play” or “Pause” the video. (See Below Screenshot).