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Muvi On-premise: syncing media files with your on-premise server



Muvi On-premise - This feature allows our customer to sync all their media files from their own AWS server to Muvi server.

 How it works?

  • We will create a folder name as  "MuviSync" in your S3 bucket of your AWS server. You have to copy all your videos to this folder. Please refer below image.



N.B.- The folder "testonpremise" will be your company name folder.


  • Then go to "Manage Content" -> "Video Library" in your CMS as shown in the picture below.



  • On video Library page, click on " Sync videos with my Server".  All videos from your S3 will be synced with Muvi, so that they can be mapped to your content. Please refer the image.



N.B.- Muvi will remove the videos from “MuviSync” folder once they are synced. Videos will be copied to another folder (in your S3 account) and encoded to different resolutions.


  • Then go to "Manage Content" -> "All Content". Click on “Upload video (1)” then “Choose From Library (2)” and "Add (3)" the video from the list for the particular content as shown in the picture below.



Now your video is ready to live.