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Migrating Payment Gateway



As per your requirement, you can change your Payment Gateway. There are 2 types of Payment Gateway migration process. Either you can integrate a new payment gateway so that all your new subscribers will use this payment gateway or you can migrate the existing subscribers to a new payment gateway.

In the latter case, we will need to export existing subscribers’ credentials (User ID & Password) and credit card information to the new payment gateway. This is a complex process, as you need to find out whether any of the payment gateways (Existing and New) allow such migration. If any of the payment gateways deny such migration, then it is not possible to migrate your existing subscribers to a new gateway. In that case, you need to follow the first method (i.e. Using a new payment gateway for new subscribers)

Basic Requirements for Payment Gateway Migration

  • First, you need to add a support ticket to change your Payment Gateway.
  • After getting your request, we will change the Payment Gateway manually.
  • For Payment Gateway migration, we will need your Merchant account credentials for the corresponding payment gateway.
  • Sometimes, you also need to provide us your credit card information that is associated with the payment gateway.
  • For a hassle-free migration process, we recommend you disable all your subscription plans at the time of migration.

Illustration of Stripe Payment Gateway Migration Process

1.Same Merchant account but different vendor (Brightcove to Muvi)

  • Here merchant account will be the same in a payment gateway but having a different vendor
  • We need to cancel all the auto subscription plans at the gateway end if any. Then export the customers’ list from the gateway and manually put all the users’ information and subscription plans in our system.
  • The users’ password will be reset and you need to inform them about the new password your users

2.Same payment gateway but different Merchant account (From Stripe to Stripe)

  • Here payment gateway is the same but the merchant account is different
  • Stripe can do one-time copies of customer data across accounts so that you don’t have to ask your users to re-enter their credit card details when they are migrating to a new account. But Charges, invoices, plans, subscriptions, coupons, events, and logs do not get copied over. Only the raw customer objects like email, customer reference id, card reference id get copied over there. Once this process is finished by you, we can follow above point #1
  • Reference Url:

3.One gateway to another gateway (From Stripe to Braintree)

  • Here the payment gateway is completely different
  • You must request Braintree for migration from Stripe and provide them all the users’ information from Stripe. Braintree will migrate the users and will provide a log file.
  • Once we will get the log file, we will map all the users with our system and all users’ password will be reset and you need to inform your users about the new password.
Note: While migrating from one gateway to another, the standard process may vary from a gateway to gateway.