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Adding PayU Latam Payment Gateway



To add PayU Latam Payment Gateway,

  • Navigate to "Monetization--> "Payment Gateway" in the CMS.
  • Click on PayU Latam(see below screenshot)
  • Type the "Merchant ID", "API Login", and "API Key" (which you have received after you signed up with PayU Latam) in the corresponding fields.
  • In the "Account" field, select your Country from the drop-down and type the "Account ID".
  • Click on "Integrate Payment Gateway" to add the payment gateway to your store.


  • This Payment Gateway supports one time monetization methods, i.e. PPV, PPV Bundle, Pre-Order etc. and also the Credit monetization.
  • It doesn't support Subscription, Subscription Renewal monetization method and Muvi Kart.
  • The payment gateway is only supported in Colombia,Mexico,Brazil,Argentina,Peru,Chile.
  • It supports only COP, MXN, BRL, ARS, CLP, PEN, USD currency (the currency support depends upon the Account ID used during integration).