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How to add Tester Email Address to Google Play Console



Adding Tester Email Address to Google Play Console



Once  your Android App is developed, we publish the app in the Google Play Console for Alpha testing. During the Alpha testing phase, you can invite the internal testers to test the app. First, you need to add testers email address to your app which is already published in the Alpha mode in the Google Play Console and create a closed test group.


Adding Tester Email Address to Google Play Console

1.Log in to Google Play Console

2. If you have multiple accounts, then select the account in which the Tester Email Address would be added by clicking on the round icon with the Android logo in it, present at the top right of the respective screen. A list of accounts will be shown in a drop-down menu, select the appropriate one. 



3. Go to All applications list by selecting the All applications from the left side menu. Select the application from the list. (in this case, it's Muvi Onyx)



4. After selecting the application, go to its Release Management from the left side menu. A set of options will be displayed in Release Management, select “App releases”.



5. Then scroll down to Alpha and click on MANAGE.

a) Here in the Alpha Manage screen you will find different two sections when the page is scrolled down:



b) Create release- This option is used to add a new build in Alpha mode.

c) Manage testers - It is used to manage the testers.

  • Create a closed or group testing environment.
  • Add users to the list (tester email address(s) and make individual list having numbers of testers)
  • Add a Feedback channel, where the feedback from the testers would be collected (this link would be should up in the Google Play Store)
  • Opt-in-URL - This is the URL from where the added tester can access the respective App, and this link is generated once the Alpha build gets live in Play store and this link/URL is generated at the very first time an Alpha build is published and remains same for increment Alpha builds.

6. Adding a tester to the build.

a) Create a list in the Manage testers section by clicking on CREATE LIST and ensure that Closed Alpha Testing is selected in “Choose a testing method”. And if you want to add a Google Group as testers then select Alpha Testing using Google Group and add respective Google Group email addresses in the users and press ADD.



 b) In the Closed Alpha Testing method, create a list and provide a list name and respective tester email address(s). You can add multiple email addresses in the list by pressing comma or enter after every email id entered.* Please ensure that the added tester email address is a Google Email Address or else the email address would not be accepted as a tester.

c) After filling up the list with tester email addresses select "Save".



d) And select the list whom you want to be the tester of the respective application.

e) After ensuring that the list is selected click on the Save.



7. The added tester can access the alpha build from the Opt-In URL immediately after the Manage testers section changes have been saved.