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Installing Samsung TV App



To install the Samsung TV app by using the .wgt file, first, you need to install Tizen Studio in your computer and then you need to connect your computer to the TV. Here we have provided detailed steps to install Samsung TV app by using the .wgt file.


How to Install Samsung TV App


1.First you need to install Tizen Studio in your Computer (Tizen Studio version 1.2 or 2.4)

2. Go to the path (C:\tizen-studio\tools>) using CMD (Command Prompt)

3. Connect your PC to the Samsung TV by using the following command  

   sdb connect Tv_ipaddress

    Example:  C:\tizen-studio\tools>sdb connect Tv_ipaddress

4. Check if the device is connected to the TV or not by using the command

   sdb devices

    Example: C:\tizen-studio\tools>sdb devices

5. Install the .wgt file by using the following command.

  tizen install -t devicenameoftv  --name wgtfilename -- Wgtfilepathwhere it available

   Example: C:\tizen-studio\tools>tizen install -t  UA43KU6470 --name BasicProject.wgt -- D:\BasicProject


Here we come the o/p like below

Then it will come

package_path /opt/usr/apps/tmp/AeonVideosamsungTvapp.wgt

was_install_app return WAS_TRUE


app_id[708hQuTdYx.AeonVideosamsungTvapp] install start


app_id[708hQuTdYx.AeonVideosamsungTvapp] install completed


spend time for wascmd is [7109]ms



Failed to install Tizen application.

Total time: 00:00:21.008


6. Launch the .wgt file to the TV by using the following command.

 tizen run -t UA43KU6470 -p app_id_of_app

Example: C:\tizen-studio\tools>tizen run -t UA43KU6470 -p 708hQuTdYx.AeonVideosamsungTvapp