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Customizing UI/UX of Your Website




As per your requirement you can customize the UI/UX of your website. We provide different options to customize the UI/UX of your website, which  include Visual Designer, Template Editor and BYOD Engine. If you wish, we can also customize your website according to your desire for a onetime fee.


Visual Designer

Visual Designer is the simplest way to customize your website template. You can see the changes you have made to your template instantly. You don’t need to type any CSS or HTML code. Simply select different customizing options from the menu available for various parts of the template (i.e. Header, Main Menu, Banner, Feature Content, Footer). You can change the background color, Text style, text color and text size, set margin, change border color, change logo size and can do lots of other customization. To know how to use Visual Designer, please Click Here.


Template Editor

You can customize the UI/UX of your website using Template Editor. In the Template Editor you can edit different sections of the template including homepage layout, content page layout, change the background and text color. In the Template Editor click on the section you want to edit, and you will see the codes of that section in the editor. Make the necessary changes in the codes and save it. The change will reflect on your website. To know how to edit your website template using Template Editor, please Click Here.


BYOD Engine

Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Design) engine helps you customize your template as per your requirement. Simply download the codes to your computer, make necessary changes to the codes and then upload it. You will see the changes on your website. Please Click Here to know how to use BYOD engine to customize the UI/UX of your website.


UI/UX Customization by Muvi

If you want us to customize the UI/UX of your website, then we can do it for you for a onetime fee. Please add a support ticket for any customization of your website's UI/UX.