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Can I Use My Own Template for Muvi?



Muvi offers a fully customizable, white labeled website instantly. You can modify the UI/UX of your website as per your choice and requirement. Our default BYOD (Bring Your Own Design) templates are built using Bootstrap and Smarty and are fully customizable using the Template Editor in CMS. You can also do it offline by downloading the template files.

You may choose to use an existing template/design to build on top of one of our existing templates for simplicity. You might not be able to use an existing template directly, as most templates are not built on using Bootstrap and Smarty. For example, a WordPress template is not Smarty based although, they may or may not use Bootstrap. Also, considering our back end framework a Smarty template might not be directly compatible and will need some amount of modifications to suit the Muvi Platform.

Customizing Your Template

Muvi offers a wide range of templates for website and apps. You can select the template of your choice to create your own VOD, AOD or Physical store. There are a few instances, where you need to customize the template of your choice. In that case, Muvi provides different options to fully customize your template. You can customize your template using our Template Editor, BYOD Engine or through Visual Designer.

To know more about how to customize your template please Click Here.